We assist you in your Structural Projects

STABLE STRUCT, Where integrity and communication equate with reliable service, Stability is the basis of growth. Our experts at STABLE STRUCT strive to achieve perfection in whatever project we work on. Founded on the basis of reliable service, effective communication, and high-quality work, STABLE STRUCT is more than qualified to handle your project with our features and speedy communication skills.

Why Choose STABLE STRUCT for Structural Engineering Projects?

Stable Struct considers a stable foundation to be the basis of any building or home, and without it, even the mightiest structures can fall.

That’s why it’s our mission to provide clients with the very best services that ensure safety and strength in the long term. In our team of professionals, we have specials that excel mostly in structural engineering and other domains such as architecture and civil engineering as well.

Our Services

Even within the limits of structural engineering, we have a large number of services that cater to the need of an equally large customer base. With satisfied customers around the country, rest assured you’ll be getting consultation and services from the best in the field.

  • Services for Residential and Commercial Clients:

    Our clients aren’t limited to the commercial sphere and we provide high-quality structural engineering services to homeowners looking to improve the state of their residence. We overlook various aspects of the process whether it’s a commercial or residential building.
  • Structural Inspection, Evaluation (Calculation) & Reports:

    Designing and extensive analysis are conducted before the final draft is submitted to the client for approval. At Stable Struct, we value the opinion of our clients which is why we coordinate with them, every step of the way.

    Anxious homebuyers can benefit from our services by calling us for an inspection and structural evaluation of their home. Based in Ohio, we’re only a call away and if you require an inspection or service; we have representatives in 50 other states.

    Rest assured you will be provided with the highest standard of service quality that your home or building deserves.
  • Structural Design, Analysis & Investigation for CODE Compliance:

    Aside from conducting a structural analysis, we investigate whether our client’s buildings are compliant with CODE regulations.
  • Structural Permit Drawing Preparation, Review & Certification:

    If you’re in the process of building your new dream home or commercial building, Stable Struct offers services like structural permit and drawing preparation to give you the blueprints of a house that will last and stand strong in the long run. We also review drawings and blueprints to certify whether they are in accordance with housing and building regulations, or not.
  • Structural Remodeling and Renovation Evaluation:

    Another one of our primary services is available for whenever you want to change the appeal and aesthetic of your workplace or home. Our team of experts can conduct a structural remodelling from the ground up and completely change the face of your office or home.

    On the other hand, if you’d like to make some minor adjustments to the ambiance of your home, STABLE STRUCT can dispatch a team of engineers to help you achieve the look you’re after. Even if you’re just planning on it and don’t intend to go through with it right away, you can contact us for a remodeling consultation or renovation evaluation.
  • HUD/FHA Modular/Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications:

    Aside from other structural engineering services, we offer U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certifications. We also offer certifications for foundations of modular and manufactured homes for FHA loans.
  • Wide Range of Civil & Structural Engineering services:

    To sum it up, we can gladly offer services of structural evaluation, foundation analysis, certification and much more to a wide range of clients. We’re basically experts in structural engineering, so whatever needs you have related to structural engineering, we can get it done.

    This is due to our team of professionals who work around the clock on many different projects and offer structural engineering consulting services to the owners of commercial, industrial, residential and even multi-purpose institutional buildings that are designed for various activities.

Structural Design Experience

Here at Stable Struct, our experience exceeds 20 years. We combine integrity and seamless communication to provide our customers with optimum services. Rest assured, with our quality of work and best practices, Stable Struct is the best company for your structural design needs.

Areas of Expertise

When it comes to structural design, there’s a lot we can do; light gauge framing, masonry design, you name it! In light of this, here are some more services you can opt for with Stable Struct:

  • Wood Construction:

    The most popular types of construction material here in the US - wood takes up a special position in the building industry. It’s highly preferred by most of our clients since it is lightweight and doesn’t require heavy machinery. Our experts at Stable Struct can work with wood in any way and adjust it to a number of shapes.
  • Light Gauge Framing:

    Even if our clients have a different viewpoint and prefer something unique, we offer light gauge framing so as to combine the advantages of wood with steel. A unique service, Stable Struct is one of the few town firms that offer light gauge framing, considering how much care is required, especially when you talk about larger point loads.
  • Structural Steel Framing:

    Known for providing immense strength to a building structure, steel frames are becoming quite popular – and are used in customized houses and apartment complexes. If you’re interested in getting a structural steel frame job done, have peace of mind that experts at Stable Struct will get it done because we’ve done it before.
  • Load Bearing Brick and Masonry Design:

    There’s no doubt that the aesthetics of load-bearing masonry design is aesthetically very pleasing and gives off a rustic vibe that’s hard to ignore. We have industry experts that have profound knowledge and experience when it comes to producing beautiful mason structures – exactly as per your specifications.
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete:

    A popular means of providing a sturdy cavity to building structures, cast-in-place concrete is a staple in construction. Here at Stable Struct, we have worked the Goodfellow Air Force Base Student Dormitory to bring them exceptional structures.
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design:

    Since Stable Struct specializes in building foundations for homes and office buildings, it’s a given that we know how to design shallow and deep foundations based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for a pad, strip or raft types for your shallow foundation building, you can leave it to us to take care of it. On the other hand, deep foundation pile types don’t fall far from our range of expertise; we can design end bearing, friction, settlement reducing and tension piles so rest assured that you won’t be missing out on ideal service. We’ll assess drawings and blueprints of the framework before determining what type of foundation would be ideal for your structure.
  • Water Bungalows:

    The exotic appearance and aesthetic of a water bungalow are surpassed by none. If you’re a fan of such structures, all you need to do is think about your unique design and leave the designing process to us. Stable Struct’s experts hold personal experience of water bungalow refurbishment and design experience from abroad.
  • Boat Dock & Building:

    Exquisite tastes like boat riding aren’t for the likes of everyone, but if your new home needs a dock we can help design it.
  • Blast resistant Building Design:

    No matter what kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for, it’s crucial to have it built in accordance with blast resistance requirements. As intimidating as it may sound to avail such services, our experts at Stable Struct can ensure your structure retains the appeal you desire while combining it with blast-resistant materials. That’s because we have vast experience in analyzing blast resistance and designing it for NASA and army facilities.
  • Waste Water and Portable Water Retaining facilities:

    Water facilities are essential for any structure, whether big or small, and Stable Struct proudly boasts experience in building wastewater treatment plants as well as retaining systems that can help structures with infrequent facilities store water.
  • Progressive Collapse Designs of Multi-story Building:

    Multi-storey buildings should be designed for a progressive collapse in the event of a disaster. We design structures to have immensely stable foundations to keep them from collapsing from the bottom. Our team’s personal experience involves various progressive analyses of buildings.